Panayotis D. Cangelaris - Greek Diplomat and Collector



Panagis D. Canghelaris - Alcinoe L. Dracopoulo

Photo of Panagis D. Canghelaris (1873-1936)
and his wife Alcinoe L. Dracopoulo (1895-1977)


Panagis D. Canghelaris was born in Argostoli.  His parents were Demetrio P. Cangelari (1844-1898) and his first wife Kate N. Foca Andriato (1846-1885).  Following the passing of his mother he settled in Suez, Egypt, where he worked at the Spiro D. Antippa novelties stores and forwarding agency "Bazar Universel et Bureau de Transit et d'Expéditions", on a profit percentage basis.  In 1919 he took over direction of the freight forwarding sector alone, thus starting a family tradition that would last for three generations and would be strengthened and increased by his son Demetre P. Canghelaris (1922-1996) and taken over by his grand daughter Persa (Cangelaris-Bergerat) (1952) in her early professional life.  This tradition indirectly continues to this day in the shipping sector by his namesake and grandson Panayotis D. Cangelaris (1951).  In 1921 he founded the novelties stores "Bazar du Nil - P.D.Canghelaris & Co." of which he was director until his passing there.  His wife Alcinoe L. Dracopoulo (1895-1977) was born in Anchialos (today's Pomorie) of Eastern Roumelia (now Bulgaria), but her family was originally from the neighboring Messemvria (today's Nessebar).  Her father was a land and salt works owner and had been a Mayor.  Following the ethnic persecutions of 1906, the family faced a financial catastrophe.  Sent on to Athens by her parents shortly before this as a boarder, she graduated the Arsakeion School for Girls and was consequently appointed teacher in Suez (1915-1919).  In 1935 she settled permanently with their daughter Kate P. Canghelaris (1920-2013) in Greece, where she continued teaching.  She passed away at Heracleion (Candia) in the island of Crete.


Panagis D. Canghelaris - Kate D. Cangellaris - Elie D. Cangellaris

Photo of Panagis D. Canghelaris (1873-1936)
with his half-brother and sister Élie (1891-1934) and Kate D. Cangellaris (1896-1958)


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