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The full text of the following publications and studies is available in this website for viewing in its original form:

Researches on history, genealogy and heraldry:


"Captains Danea and Marco Cangelari and their Contribution to the Defense of Cephalonia (16th Century)"

"The Migrations of the Cangelari Family of Cephalonia (17th century to our days)"

"Assignment letter (1806) of the Metropolitan of Cephalonia, Zante and Ithaca, Joannichio Anino"

"The first Cephalonian Cadets and the foundation of the Military School in 1828"

"The Cangelari Mausoleum at Saint George of the Precipice Monastery in Halki of the Princes Islands"

"Valentin A. Kangelari (1883-1938) - A Soviet hero with Cephalonian roots"

"Stavros A. Cangelaris - Conductor of the Fleet and Navy Bands - Director of the H.R.N. School of Music"

"Two Unknown Cephalonian Intellectuals in Egypt - Gérasime and Kate D. Cangellaris"

"Angélique Panayotatou - Kate Cangellaris, Two Cephalonian Ladies in Alexandria and their Literary Salons"

"Unpublished letter by Dr Max Nordau about the work of Cephalonian poet Gerasime D. Cangellaris (1890-1925)"

"The three sisters Cangellaris - End of an era in Greek Alexandria"



"Costantin Gerachi (Constance Phaulkon) - A new genealogical approach"

"The French coat of arms of prime counsellor Costantin Gerachi (Constance Phaulkon)"

"Three historic portraits:  Pandasin Caridi - Georgio Coidan - Regina Pignator"

"The coat of arms of Sir Dimo Valsamachi (1785-1870) - An interesting Cephalonian heraldic token"

"The family coats of arms of Cephalonia and the great rarity of heraldic sources"

"The Cross of Saint George - The emblem of Cephalonia during the Venetian rule"

"Clergy and procedure for the election of Sofronios I Archbishop of Cephalonia and Zante (1727)"

"The election of priest Serafim Anino as Archbishop of Cephalonia and Zante under the name Sofronios II (1732)"

"1867 Vari of Erisso genealogy - An electoral list's surnames analysis"

"News from the first 50 years of Argostoli as capital of Cephalonia"

"Cephalonian surnames - Evolution and introduction of nicknames"

"Cephalonian surnames - Supplement and index by original surname"

"Areskeia - The Dowry Settlement during the Venetian Rule"

"The Naval Battle of Lepanto (October 7, 1571) - The Greek participation and the role of Cephalonia"

"The Cephalonian Students at the Padua University and their Family Crests, from the unpublished Codex 482 of the Archivio Antico"
(Written in collaboration with J.Tipaldos-Lascaratos)

"The Coats-of-Arms of the unpublished Codex 482 of the Archivio Antico della Università di Padova"
(Written in collaboration with J.Tipaldos-Lascaratos, N.Oeconomou and M.Bletas)


Delivered but not yet published:

"The Soviet Hero Valentin A. Kangelari (1883-1938).  A Historical and Genealogical Approach of the Life and Action of an Unknown Cephalonian"

"The Monk Chrysanthos Kangelaris (1868-1941).  A Pioneer Utopian Socialist"



"Rigas Feraios and the European Enlightenment"

"The Zantiot Anne Barzò and her Contribution at the Struggle for the National Palingenesia"

"Archbishop's Nicola II Catrami (1820-1886) Memorabilia"



"Gumuldjina 1913"



"Discipline in Scouting"

"Athanasios Lefkaditis (1872-1944) - The Cephalonian founder of Greek Scouting"



"Freemasonry and higher degrees - Beginnings and Development"

"The Cephalonian Pietro Melissino (1726-1797) and his Masonic Rite of seven degrees"


The gazette "Scout Annals"

The booklet "The 2nd Scout Group of Psychico Yearbook", for the years 1970-1973

The booklet "The 1980 Album of the Lycabettus District Commission"


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